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Genesis Facility Services
A Trusted Partner Since 1927

Not all companies can claim a history as long and dedicated as Genesis. In 1927 in San Francisco, Frank Ponstasuglio opened a window cleaning company called ABC Building Services. He passed the business to his sons, John and George, who expanded it to include janitorial services. The sons sold to George’s daughter, Gayle and son-in-law, Bob Viola, in 1975. Bob and Gayle grew the business exponentially until they passed it to the next generation. Their children, Teresa and Rob, opened for business as Genesis Building Services in 2003. 

While all three children were exposed to the business by working summers and after school, it was Teresa and Rob that picked up the torch and continued the family business just the way their parents had taught them, from the best method of carpet stain removal, “pat, don’t rub”, to core business concepts, “all that counts is what you have done today”.  

Today, as equal partners Teresa and Rob harmoniously share the ownership and responsibilities of Genesis Facility Services. Both bring a different set of skills necessary to a running a successful business.

Teresa Reif, Co-Founder

Teresa always has a plan and is confident in any decision she makes. She decided on the University of Colorado in Boulder in her sophomore year of high school. She met her husband at CU and was married three months after graduation. While most postgraduates are trying to find themselves Teresa took the reins of a multi-million dollar corporation. 

Teresa has the ability to calmly breakdown any complex situation into simple solutions to reach her goals. In the seven years of working with her I have yet to see her back down from any challenge. Unwilling to compromise her personal or professional life she turned her office into a nursery and took all three of her sons to work for their first year. Her level-headed approach brings a focus to every challenge. Her trust in the people around her allows her to guide without micro-managing. We all appreciate her inexhaustible enthusiasm and sense of purpose. 

Rob Viola, President

Rob joined Genesis in September 2003. Rob can fearlessly enter any given situation with little prior knowledge, and exit an expert. After graduating from Santa Clara University, Rob moved to Chicago to pursue an acting career and supported himself by holding down three jobs at once. Although a skilled actor, he realized his best strengths were in business and sales. Rob moved back to the Bay Area and brought his inexhaustible thirst for knowledge and a deep understanding of how to work with people to get a job done. His strong client relationships are the foundation of the company’s growth.

Genesis Building Services recently changed its name to Genesis Facility Services to better define its new growth, new services and the new Genesis Standard.