We have a great team at Genesis!  They work together to help grow this unique company that truly cares about their employees. Below, they offer their compliments and positive thoughts about co-worker JJ Hernandez. 

JJ is an outstanding employee of the company and has been with Genesis for over 25 years.  Here are comments from just a few of his co-workers.

From Teresa R.

I’ve had the privilege of working with JJ for over 25 years.  He is kind, honest and hard working.  We can always depend on him to show up and provide the highest standard of service.  When I think of the best of Genesis, I think of JJ.

From Juan C.

JJ is an outstanding co-worker who provides excellent customer service. Every time I see JJ he has a smile and a cheerful attitude. He is the person preferred to train new hires because of his experience. It is a privilege to have a co-worker like JJ work for this company. 

From Kathy N.

I have not had too much one on one with JJ, but the little time I have had with him has been wonderful. He is a kind person and always says hello and goodbye and takes an interest in everyone. He is always smiling and charismatic.

From Veronica G.

If we had an award ceremony every year where we handed out trophies for excellent service, attendance, and teamwork, JJ would win the MVP (Most Valuable Player) in each of these categories. He is an outstanding person and sets the example for how to treat others with kindness and respect, take pride in your work, give excellent customer service, and deliver quality at the highest level.  Whenever we face challenges, JJ is one person you can always count on to help solve the problem with both an immediate solution and a long term plan. He works fast and efficiently, and shares his wisdom and techniques with all his crew.  He has trained many over the years about how to maintain the highest standard and is consistent in his execution of this standard. I am among many who considers JJ one of their most trusted allies and often go to him for advice.  He is always willing to contribute and help wherever he is needed. He always has a smile on his face and approaches each day with a positive attitude.  He is someone I try to emulate and is one of the best people I have ever worked with or known.

Mary H.

JJ is a very dedicated co-worker. Every time I have asked for his assistance he has said yes without hesitation. He is very friendly, always a smile on his face and respectful. He is very knowledgeable of the accounts we have had for years not only the accounts he services. I have never heard him complain about anything in the years I’ve known him. It is a pleasure to work with him.

From Marisol O.

JJ Hernandez is an extraordinary co-worker and I’m very grateful for all his hard work and dedication that he has provided to Genesis throughout the years. We are very lucky to have such a knowledgeable, responsible, and supportive individual on our team.  JJ always has a smile on his face and has that “can-do” spirit and is willing to take on any task. With his years of experience and expertise, he has provided exemplary work.  JJ can take on many roles at once, from front-line training to completing one of a kind utility projects. The co-workers and clients that have been fortunate to work with JJ have always conveyed their gratitude and highlighted his enthusiastic personality and efficiency on the job. JJ is truly the kind of co-worker every company wants.

JJ, we are glad you are part of the Genesis team!

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