Take a good hard look around the exterior of your building, through the eyes of a prospect, job candidate or potential partner. What do you see – asphalt debris? Old gum stuck to the sidewalk? Stained concrete? Dingy or moldy siding? All these, and other signs of age and lack of proper maintenance, can leave a negative impression about your business. Can you afford that?

What you can afford is to have your property pressure washed on a regular basis. Pressure washing uses a high-powered focused spray to clean dirt, stains and debris from concrete and asphalt driveways and walkways, dirt and mold from roofs, and airborne sediment from the exteriors of buildings, whether they’re brick, stucco, stone, painted material, siding or other surface.

Here are some of the most important benefits of having your facility pressure washed by a professional maintenance team:

1. Pressure Washing Enhances Your Image

A clean, freshened facade and neat, debris-free walkways and driveway create positive first impressions about your business. Well-maintained buildings say the business cares about quality, is focused on detail, and that its people eagerly welcome visitors.

2. Pressure Washing Helps Extend the Life of Your Building

Dirt and grime that are present in our air (often the result of car and facility exhaust) stick to buildings – their facades and roofs – and significantly contribute to the erosion over time. Keeping these areas free from the abrasive effects of air pollution reduces the amount of “wear and tear” on these surfaces, so you won’t have to replace them as often as you would without proper cleaning.

3. Pressure Washing Reduces the Likelihood of Illness

Mold and mildew that are present on buildings and roofs have the potential to affect the health of everyone in your building. Unabated, mold and mildew can get into your air system and lead to respiratory illnesses – which then lead to increased sick days and reduced productivity. A quick power washing of your roof and the areas around your HVAC systems can eliminate the possibility of mold-related illness and keep your people at peak performance.

Pressure washing is an investment that pays off with a spotless image and a healthy workforce. The trained technicians at Jack’s Maintenance use only high-powered commercial-grade equipment to clean the different areas of your facility, from top to bottom, with extra care to avoid damaging or harming the landscaping that surrounds your building. We’ll be happy to visit your facility and talk about your needs and determine a schedule of regular cleaning that makes the most sense.

Nice photo! Credit goes to: Peninsulapowerwash